Fresh Pack Pickled Pineapple

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fresh packed

We Pick ‘n’ Pack these pickles within 24 hours of harvest.


Authentic Kosher Sour pickles, fermented in original Medalta stoneware.

beer brine

Seasonal Fresh Pack Pickle creations with infusions of local Craft beer.

Briney Little Pleasures

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Local Made Pickles with No Chemical Preservatives!

Barrelhouse Brine is reviving a slow food revolution of pickled pleasures. We hand-pack our small batches of Crock-Cured, Fresh Pack and Beer Brine pickles that offer big, bright and bold flavours. These are not your regular massed produced vinegar pickles.

Our vegetables, garlic and herbs are all grown following basic organic practices that exclude harmful sprays and chemical pesticides.

Our ‘Seriously Seasonal’ products follow the growing season of the Fraser Valley starting in mid June right through to late December. We harvest in morning and Fresh Pack within 24hrs using the tried-and-true water bath canning method to lock in all the flavours of the season.

“Often in the rush to make something cheaper we overlook why it was made in the painstaking way in the first place.”  Michael Pollan

Local Grown. Local Made. Local Owned. Pickles with Panache!

The Pickle Baron

P.S.-  Use a clean utensil, not your fingers  when the craving hits you!  All our products are free of chemical preservatives and made with natural ingredients.


Sweet, Sour, Salty and Spicy – We’ve put together some tasty ideas to serve up