Luxury Pickled Pineapple

Fresh Pickled Pineapple

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BIG, Bold and Bright fresh pickles!


West Coast fermented Half Sours

beer brine pickles

Briner + Brewer collaboration series

Briney Little Pleasures

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Luxury Pickles with Panache

Barrelhouse Brine is reviving a slow food revolution of pickled pleasures. Hand-packed in limited small batches of Fresh Pickles, Crock-Cured Pickles and Beer Brine Pickles that offer BIG, Bright and Bold flavours.

“Often in the rush to make something cheaper you overlook why it was made the painstaking way in the first place.”  Michael Pollan

Local made luxury pickles. 


Sweet, Sour, Salty and Spicy – We’ve put together some tasty ideas to serve up