about our product

Pickling is our passion

We love making people happy doing what we love to do.

To make a a truly great pickle only takes a few simple ingredients, farm fresh produce, fantastic salt and vinegar and a little luck.

Barrelhouse {bar-uhl-hous}:

A ‘Juke Joint’ or private establishment set up on the outskirts of town, — offering food, drink and live music.

We offer Luxury Pickles with Panache. Hand-packed small batches of Fresh Pickles, Crock-Cured ferments and Briner & Brewer infusions that offer BIG, Bright and Bold flavours.

It all starts with dirt, or as we call it organic compost. Feed it and turn it regularly with organic matter to let the natural bacteria in the soil thrive. When compost reaches the humus stage, it is once again a living thing full of bacteria, fungi and insects. This ensures the biodiversity that is absolutely essential to the health of the soil and, in turn, the plants and crops by giving them a greater resistance to disease..  Sustainable food production…its that simple.