Our Mission

Our mission is to support and partner with the local sustainable farming community to provide superior tasting products to the conscious consumer and discerning foodie. When our products are not locally harvested, we ensure the products are fair trade and ethically sourced.

Local Grown. Local Made. Local Owned. Pickles with Panache!

Barrelhouse Brine is reviving a slow food revolution of pickled pleasures. We hand-pack our small batches of Crock-Cured, Fresh Pack and Beer Brine pickles that offer BIG, Bright and Bold flavours. These are not your regular massed produced vinegar pickles.

Our vegetables, garlic and herbs are all grown locally on Vancouver Island following basic organic practices that exclude harmful sprays and chemical pesticides.

Our ‘Seriously Seasonal’ products follow the growing season of Vancouver Island starting in mid June right through to late December. We Pick and Pack within 24hrs of harvest using the tried-and-true water bath canning method to lock in all the flavours of the season.